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The Wetfly Nitrogen1 Fly Reel

kit carlson

Wetfly Nitrogen1 Fly Reel Line Up

Wetfly Nitrogen1 Fly Reel Line Up

I hold in my hand, a beautifully executed fly reel. It is light, performance-driven, and priced so that it can offer some of the best value in the industry, while holding company with those that cost twice as much. It is Wetfly's Nitrogen1 Fly Reel

This reel is machined out of solid, bar-stock, 6061-T6 alluminum alloy -- the same metal used on rockets, Formula 1 cars, military weapony...the list goes on. What these things have in common, is that the material is used in situations demanding extreme strength and low weight. 

Since releasing this reel to the industry, reviews have been extremely positive. Not only does the reel look unique and beautiful, but it performs flawlessly. The disc drag can be adjusted low enough to protect even the lightest of tippets as well as strong enough to stop hard-fighting fish. We designed the arbor to hold a little more backing than average to give anglers more peace-of-mind when you've got a bruiser on the other end. 

All of our reels come with a Lifetime Warranty. If anything goes wrong with it, we fix questions asked. The Nitrogen1 Fly Reel comes in 4 sizes to accept line weights from 2wt to 8wt. 

Give the Nitrogen1 a try and let us know what you think. We're looking forward to hearing from you!