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Since the beginning WETFLY has aspired to become a well-respected fly fishing brand that delivers high quality affordable products. We have searched high and low, word-wide to find the best manufacturing partners to help deliver our brand’s key promise: Make Fly Fishing Easy and Affordable to Anyone Who Wants to Experience it. After many years of searching, we are proud to offer our first USA Made Products that will join our existing product line from around the world. WETFLY has partnered with two southern Oregon manufactures who want to manufacture, and grow. They are entrepreneurs just like WETFLY. They want to Make Fly Fishing Easy. They want to conserve the lifestyle of fly fishing and pass it on to other generations. They want to work with their communities and give back. They are WETFLY.  

The Story Behind the Hand Crafted Spey

Rowing an old drift boat in a pair of leaky waders marks the start of a humble journey. The more time spent on the water the more the passion and knowledge grew to inspire something greater. Expertise was honed season after season of steelhead guiding and an angler became more interested building rods recreationally and eventually vocationally to build a perfect fly rod. Extensive time on the water and a deep knowledge of rod design provided a complete perspective of what was needed to make a great artisan fly rod; craftsmanship, on the water experience, and the necessary heart and soul to be cast into each rod for a lifetime of enjoyment.   While swinging on the Rogue river and connecting to an occasional fish the entrepreneurial spirit continued to tug day after day until finally a rod shop was founded in Southern Oregon. Building fly rods one by one in a small shop and shaping each handle is the only way to control artisan perfection. Laboring over each guide, combining fly fishing experience and passion are what make a USA Made WETFLY fly rod.

The Story Behind the Hand Crafted Net

A Father/Son team of avid fisherman who love to catch and release wild steelhead watched others land steelhead without protecting them and felt they had to do something about it. A better net was needed that could eliminate mesh by using a fish-friendly rubber net. One that could reduce dragging to shore, was long enough and had a larger hoop size for bigger fish. This idea became a reality in a small southern Oregon workshop. As a retired carpenter, Dad joined forces with his son to manufacture and deliver a better net to share with the world and save wild steelhead. Hours of passion are put into every USA made WETFLY Handcrafted Net.