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Don Fitzwater – Owner, WETFLY

Years fly fishing: 30+ years

Most memorable fish caught on a fly: Maybe the first fish I ever caught on my Dad's fiberglass rod around the summer of 1986?  Wild Olympic Peninsula Steelhead, 16lbs?  King Salmon (guessing it was over 40lbs) or the fat 20 lbs rainbows on the Kenai? The countless 24" brown trout caught on the big Mo in MT? Or the angry tiger trout in the secret ponds in eastern WA? What about the ridiculously giant fish in CO eating size 22 flies? Oh wait, there was the first bass on my tenkara rod or the perfect drift on the Yakima with a well presented dry catching a nice 19" native rainbow? Too many fish still to catch, I can't pick my most memorable yet. 

FB/Instagram/Twitter: @wetflyfish


Established in 1999 with an understanding that anglers throughout the waters needed a way to find quality product at affordable pricing. It is this value statement that still lives on today in the way product is delivered throughout the brand. 

WETFLY entered the fly fishing industry with a focus on supplying high-quality flies to large retailers across the US. As other fly companies followed this example, WETFLY immediately adapted its model to begin developing rods, reels, fly boxes, waders, apparel, and lifestyle product.

As products feed into the production funnel at WETFLY , many of them do not pass the test of form, functionality, fit, and value. The ones that Do pass this inspection and on-the-water test carry the WETFLY mark. We at WETFLY fish with these products. We use them. We abuse them. We try to break them – and if we do, we improve them. 

In short, WETFLY stands behind everything it develops and sells because we believe that the angler who uses our products, whether it is a fly or a rod, should be able to stand by and say the same.