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Guide Team

wetfly recognizes that Professional guides have the pulse of the industry and can best influence sales, product development and customer service.

Benefits include:

  • Free rod/reel guide package
  • 50% standing discount on all WETFLY products
  • Featured on and WETFLY social media platforms as a WETFLY Endorsed Guide 
  • Opportunity for WETFLY to promote your guiding services
  • Opportunities to contribute to new or current product ideas, development and testing

What we look for in a GUIDE:

  • The WETFLY Guide Program targets those within our trade who work as guides who are the the true ambassadors to the entire sport of fly fishing. Guides are the leaders of our industry and deserve the best WETFLY can offer.
  • All potential candidates for the WETFLY Guide Program must be a legal, registered guide within the state/s they provide services in and provide appropriate identification in the form a business licenses, website, business card, etc. 

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